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Why it was my goal to become a licensed Instructor. . . It could be yours too!

Why it was my goal to become a licensed Instructor. . . It could be yours too!

Looking at the ever changing nature of the beauty industry will be a great way to help answer that question. Having lived by the credo “change is good”, the beauty industry has been a great choice allowing me to not only change but to grow, try new things and truly experience all avenues of the business. 

When SSPA sent out an email that they were now offering the 38 Hour Instructor Licensure Course, I had recently been laid off from my job with Horst Rechelbacher after his death. Having worked with Horst for many years, I knew he believed in the credo “you are on your path” and I have tried to live my life in the same way. Believing everything happens for a reason, I jumped at the chance to learn a new skill and ultimately become more employable as I seek a new position.

Seeking a new position, combining my new educator skills with my varied job experience, I hope to become a hybrid of sales/marketing/educator that most job candidates don’t possess within the beauty industry. Most organizations seek people able to perform varied duties and fill different needs within a single job classification. Becoming a licensed educator will help in my career to do just that.

Continuing education, at any level, also shows the desire to learn and grow to a possible employer. Becoming a licensed educator proves that point in two ways. One, the desire and ability to learn and master a new skill and two, knowing you must obtain continuing education credits to fulfill state requirements to renew the educator license. Both prove I am an active, ever seeking knowledge individual.

Will I use my education to teach as a licensed educator in a cosmetology school? I don’t know for sure. Frankly, I somewhat doubt it. But, will I use my newly found skills in the next phase of my career? Absolutely! The ability to outline thoughts, recognize learning styles and being able to communicate effectively to my next employment team will be invaluable in any position I hold.

My instructor education has already helped me, as a trainer for SSPA, in teaching the Health, Safety, Sanitation, Laws and Rules for Relicensure Course offered by SSPA .  See you in class!

Deborah Otten is a Licensed Esthetician, Instructor, Salon Coach, Retail Expert, SSPA Health, Safety, Sanitation, Laws & Rules for Relicensure Trainer, Certified Competition Judge and Beauty Blogger

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