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Good Summer Read for Salon Professionals

Good Summer Read for Salon Professionals

Success in Beauty, The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness is a revolutionary book written by a variety of women about how to be happy and fulfilled with little or no effort at all!

This book has no shortage of vital information about how you as a woman can enhance yourself your life and your business.

Bonnie Bonadeo Co-author and contributor to Success in Beauty book titled section, Beauty Enthusiasm, My Journey to Joy.  Uncovers that repetitive pattern that we are women sometimes get caught up in of adding more to the outside of our lives’  thinking that will bring us more happiness and joy only to discover that it ultimately caused more stress and anxiety in not only doing more but always doing more for others and not yourself.   As she shares her hardships and what finally had her redefine the meaning of success in order for her to find that ever elusive passion and joy in her life. 

Success in Beauty is flavored with inspirational stories of not only Bonnie’s journey but many other women that untimely you will find some support, peace and joy in it for yourself.  A must read for any women. And heck guys, it might be a good read for you too!

International Best Selling Co-Author- Bonnie Bonadeo Success in Beauty, The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness.

“Living in truth and ownership, we simply surrender the fight. Bonnie is a testament to personal power, passion and purpose.”

                                                Janelle Macrae, Coach, Life Creations Education

Where to buy the book: to purchase or at

Just started my copy . . . Hope you enjoy the book!

Susan Brinkhaus, CAE,
Executive Director – Salon & Spa Professional Association

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