What kind of beauty artist are you?

As a Beauty Artist, we all have a way of expressing our interpretation of beauty and it is what makes us unique and makes our clients keep coming back again and again. To define different expressions of art I will use foundations that we are all familiar with. The question is are you a Painter, Sculptor, Architect, or Illustrator?

A painter expresses their beauty art by using long and short strokes with a brush, while incorporating colors that add depth or expand that can be gradient or abrupt creates both bold and subtle looks. These looks can be modern, classic, abstract, surreal or cubed to name a few. Think colorist.

A sculptor creates two- and three-dimensional statements on straight, wavy, curly, and tightly curled tapestries. Sculptors create structure and form that build on an already existing shapes, that add or create balance and distribute height and weight where needed. Think of a hairstylist who executes a beautiful updo.

Architects, design and reconstruct forms. The architect creates balance and structures that are durable and functional. The shapes can be disconnected, layered, airy and solid. These designers establish the foundation and the interior moving parts to efficiently or creatively work with the tapestries and lifestyles that will need a particular shape and design.

And finally, we have our Illustrators who reimagine and transcend what is in front of us and creates structures and shapes that defy gravity and inspire us to experience beauty in the realm of the unanticipated. Think of our editorial artists and NAHA competitors.

So, what kind of Beauty Artist are you?

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