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What kind of beauty artist are you?

As a Beauty Artist, we all have a way of expressing our interpretation of beauty and it is what makes us unique and makes our clients keep coming back again and again. To define different expressions of art I will use foundations that we are all familiar with. The question is are you a Painter, Sculptor, Architect, or Illustrator?

A painter expresses their beauty art by using long and short strokes with a brush, while incorporating colors that add depth or expand that can be gradient or abrupt creates both bold and subtle looks. These looks can be modern, classic, abstract, surreal or cubed to name a few. Think colorist.

A sculptor creates two- and three-dimensional statements on straight, wavy, curly, and tightly curled tapestries. Sculptors create structure and form that build on an already existing shapes, that add or create balance and distribute height and weight where needed. Think of a hairstylist who executes a beautiful updo.

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Summer Is Here! SPF Yourself!

SUMMER is HERE!  It is time to enjoy the beach, go on vacation, and have fun in the sun.  So, pack that SPF Sunscreen. It is HOT out there, share your professional sunscreen knowledge. 

Protect your guests, focus on the right SPF to protect their skin and hair.  Foundations, facial cream, body products, as well as hair products contain sunscreen.  Research your product line for sunscreen protection, then engage in a dialog with your guest.  Find out their summer plans and how much time will spend in the great outdoors or just time outside.  That pool is so inviting! 

Everyone needs sunscreen, from the toddlers to the retirees encourage them to use sunscreen DAILY.   Protect your guests from ultraviolet radiation and help prevent skin cancer.  They will Thank You for also helping to prevent wrinkles, aging, and dark spots.  Let’s not forget about how important it is to protect their hair, so encourage them to wear a hat or use a sun protector hair product.  That beautiful sun they love so much will fade that gorgeous hair color they spent their dollars and your creativity on!  Remember to check for any allergies as some are very sensitive to sunscreen. 

Kick the Heat to the Curb and ENJOY summer!

Prom COVID Hair . . . Coming to a Salon Near You!

As the state of Minnesota begins to open up and prom season is upon us, teenagers have been sequestered in their homes-bored, in front of their phone camera (tik-tok) and have experimented with every Splat, Splot, Paint, known to woman. Well, let me prepare you. They are coming to a salon near you! They want to look “normal” for their prom. And… they want it done within one session (because they have prom pictures tomorrow). So, get ready, they are desperate for you to fix what they have been creatively expressing over this last miserable year for the event they have been waiting for all of their teenage lives. Dust off your magic wands and your secrete hair potions for the remainder of the month of May!

Get used to the words, pre-color, re-color, color cleanse, re-shaping, “we may need to consider other options” and of course our trusty stand by “not today”. Your portfolio of beautiful alternatives will be key for these young doe-eyed beauties.

For Professional use only: Only show the pictures that you will be able to achieve today!

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