Your Diet and Your Brain!

The way you feed your body affects your brain.

Evidence is starting to line up in favor of certain foods with the aim of reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our brain requires certain nutrients to function smoothly and biologically. One major study showed that a strict adherence to a diet known as the MIND diet reduces dementia risk by up to 53% for people ages 59 to 98.

Foods for our brain are divided into two groups. A healthiest foods group which is divided into 10 healthy food categories and a limit these foods group that is divided into 5 food categories labeled as limit or stay away from.

Healthy Categories

Beans – Fiber and protein, irons and potassium.

Leafy Green Vegetables – nutrients, are proven to lower cancer risk.

Berries – neuroprotective, antioxidants.

Wine – Reds, may lower stroke risk, polyphenols may be responsible for protecting memory as we age.

Olive Oil – Phenols have wide range of health benefits including anti-inflammatory, ant cancerous and antimicrobial. See to protect against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and pinal cord injury.

Other Vegetables – phytochemicals reduce the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases.

Nuts – Healthy oils, vitamins, proteins, soluble fibers. Memory improvement potential protection from neurodegenerative decline. Walnuts shown to protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

Whole Grains – plant-based nutrients.

Fish – especially fatty fish, omega-3 fats known as brain food.

Poultry – white meat, cognitive health.


Limit or Stay Away from Categories

Red Meat – best diet change for avoiding Alzheimer’s.

Butter and Margarine – Butter high in saturated fat, raises bad cholesterol (LDL). Margarine high in trans fats worst for heart health.

Cheese – saturated fats raises bad cholesterol (LDL)

Pastries and Sweets – Studies show brains were less effective with high glucose levels. Some experts refer to Alzheimer’s Disease as “Type 3 diabetes”

Fried Foods – saturated and trans fats, increases unhealthy LDL cholesterol, lowers healthy high-density lipoprotein (HDL), increase risk of cardiovascular disease.



Healthy Brain Recipe

Mix together a variety of different greens such as - Romaine Lettuce, Butter Lettuce, Spinach, Arugula, Radicchio, etc.

Roasted Red Peppers (over or on the grill) – cool and cut into spears

Fresh Mushroom – Choose your favorite

Fresh asparagus spears – cut into 1-inch pieces

Lemon flavored Olive Oil (or make your own using olive oil and fresh lemon juice)

Garlic Cloves – you choose how much garlic you like.

Sauté in lemon flavored olive oil: asparagus until slightly tender, add mushroom, red peppers and pressed fresh garlic cloves, sauté until tender and add mixed green. Sauté until desired consistency.

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