Why Do We Need Health Insurance?

Why Do We Need Health Insurance?

Why do we need health insurance?  Statistically speaking, less than half of Americans have $1000 ready in the event of an unexpected illness or injury.  The role of health insurance in today’s environment is partially to provide financial protection in the event that an individual has a major health event.  In this scenario, the insurance plan pays 100% of the charges after the individual’s out-of-pocket limit.

The other, less mentioned reason for maintaining coverage is to ‘Access’ care.  If an individual is uninsured, it may be nearly impossible to schedule an appointment to treat an illness or injury for non-emergency care.  Insurance is the guarantee of payment for the care providers.  When we shop for your plan, we discuss the providers you use or would like to use and propose options that fit that need.

In addition, health plan shopping is only available during open enrollment (November and December) or with a qualifying life event - like losing other coverage.  It’s important to know that when enrolling with a qualifying event, we have a limited time to report the event and make a plan selection.

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